Checkweigher for Aerosol Cans

Checkweigher for Aerosol Cans

  • 2022-08-22
Safe! Explosion-protected weighing technology for aerosols

Aerosols in high, cylindrical cans demand special requirements on production lines in the chemical industry. In most cases, they are highly flammable and hazardous. Spray cans and containers are prone to displacement due to their small base and high centre of gravity. The weighing solutions from AEROSOLPAK seek to meet the demands of the aerosol industry and do so flawlessly.

Our solutions guarantee safe weighing in a potentially explosive atmosphere with extreme accuracy and high throughputs. Our machinery can be easily integrated into your production lines to meet all your requirements.

  • Up to 200 inline weighing operations per minute with revolving star technology
  • Safe weighing in Ex zones 1 and 2
  • Incident-free transport of objects
  • Highly precise results for short quarantine times

Checkweigher for Aerosol Cans

The AWC provides a reliable and robust checkweigher for fully automatic weight control for use in filling plants (e.g. in the pharmaceutical industry). The indexing star wheel system enables optimal product handling for high, slim containers (aerosol cans, plastic and glass bottles, etc.) and ensures fast, precise in-line weight control. The easy exchangeable star wheel handles product transfer, product transportation within the weighing unit and the return transportation to the production line. The AWC can be easily integrated into existing filling lines without having to open up the existing transport route.


  • Extremely high accuracy especially for unstable cylindrical products
  • solid stainless steel design
  • IP54 protection type
  • Easy integration into existing lines
  • Short change over time with simple change of format sets
  • Possibility of fast feedback/tendency control of filling machine

Determining the Right Weight With AWC Checkweighers
With the pre-package directive you are obliged to maintain, check and document the nominal quantities stated on product packages. AWC measures the weight of your products accurately within a short time-frame, ejecting products with the incorrect weight, whilst compiling comprehensive documentation. Therefore, with AWC solutions only fully controlled packages leave your production line. For complete line optimisation, our feedback control feature improves line efficiency. Thanks to the modular design of the checkweighers, they can be integrated flexibly into your existing production lines and can be optionally equipped with additional functions necessary to match your specific application.

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