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The rapid growth of the disinfectant hand sanitizer market

The rapid growth of the disinfectant hand sanitizer market

  • 2020-09-23

Not long ago, hand sanitizer was still an unpleasant item. People usually think of it as a functional product, especially for public toilets and portable toilets during traditional flu season, summer hiking, or outdoor concerts. In short, no one has ever thought that hand sanitizer is an attractive product.

Now, affected by the global new epidemic, in North America, hand sanitizers containing 60% or more ethanol are not only considered a necessity, but also a part of the routine of personal care. Therefore, the product market is constantly expanding. Disinfecting hand sanitizer not only helps to kill bacteria and viruses, but also has a good fragrance, contains emollients and moisturizers, and is easy to use.

The transition from extrusion to aerosol...

An emerging trend in the hand sanitizer market is the shift from clamshell squeeze packaging to aerosol spray or foam packaging that is easy to share. When public health becomes the first priority, more people need to use a larger amount of hand sanitizer, and aerosol packaging makes the "mass/non-contact" approach a convenient reality.

Here is an introduction to several new hand sanitizers in overseas markets:

The most common two types of hand sanitizer packaged in aerosol cans, bag on valve (BOV) spray and aerosol foam. The alcohol-based formula complies with the regulations of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is customized and developed by the R&D team, which is consumer-friendly. The product is not only effective, but also makes the skin on the hands soft and smooth. The ethanol content of the hand sanitizer in the bag on valve aerosol package is 77%, and the ethanol content of the foam hand sanitizer in the traditional aerosol package is 62%.

There are also disinfection aerosols containing 80% alcohol, available in travel size, 100ml, 250ml, 400ml, 500ml and other specifications.

Customer could choose normal aerosol filling machine or bag on valve aerosol filling machine to complete the production per product formula. Semi automatic machine and automatic machine are also at option for different production capacity.

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