Aerosol Pesticide Sprayer Filling Solution

  • 2022-03-03
Aerosol Pesticide Sprayer Filling Solution

The usage of Pesticide Aerosol
Pesticide aerosol, by spraying, can quickly kill mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches and other pests. It is one of the indispensable daily necessities in our life. With good killing effect, easy carriage & storage, rapid result, accuracy and other unique advantages, it has been developed rapidly. Aerosol refers to the preparation (canned meterial) which is sprayed out in the form of mist, and the canned meterial and propellant agent are packed together in a pressure tank with a valve. The micro fog particles ejected are called aerosols.

Taking China as an example, as early as 1992, the annual production of pesticide aerosol reached 50 million cans, which has a very broad market. In Southeast Asian countries with hot climate and more mosquitoes, such as Pakistan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and other regions, the demand for pesticide aerosols is also very high.

How to produce pesticide aerosol?
With the rapid development of pesticide aerosols, more and more attention has been paid to the quality of products. How to evaluate the quality of pesticide aerosol? Most producers, distributors and users often simply evaluate the quality of products by their biological effects, but ignore many other important factors that affect the quality of products.

As we all know, aerosol technology is a multi-disciplinary comprehensive technology. From the perspective of the integrity of aerosol products, it is not a simple addition of containers, valves, ejectors and insecticidal active ingredients, but also involves the use effect, safety and economy. It should also comply with the World Health Organization (who) Regulations on pesticide toxicity. Therefore, the quality of pesticide aerosol products should be comprehensively evaluated from three aspects: physical and chemical properties, biological effects and safety.

Filling equipment of pesticide aerosol
Since pesticide aerosols are usually corrosive chemicals, the contents of the aerosols will corrode the tank, sealing valve, and internal surface. The corrosion often occurs inside the tank, which shortens the storage resistance of the container and increases the leakage of the container. Especially in summer, due to the influence of ambient temperature, the corrosion is intensified.

In view of this situation, we usually use bag on valve technique to fill pesticide aerosol. Aerosolpak provides complete bag on valve filling equipment, mainly including can ranging machine, liquid filling machine, valve inserting machine, sealing and propellant gas filling machine, capping presser and etc.

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