For lumps, scrapes, minor burns and new tattoos, there are many options in aerosol products for home care.

Aerosol packaging keeps the contents sterile.

360° continuous aerosol can packaging, can be used upside down, spray to hard-to-reach parts.

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Oral care and topical care are the main applications of aerosol products in pharmaceutical industry. 
·  Oral care

·   Topical care

Canned Fresh Air Filling Solutions

Sunshine and air are free resources given to everyone by nature, but some creative investors have made good profit by canning and selling air. The real action of selling “canned air” as commodities began in Japan. In Mount Fuji scenic area, there is an interesting souvenir canned air All kinds of exquisite bottles and cans are neatly placed in the shop, which contains fresh air from all over the world.

With the expanding demands of tourism, the portable “canned oxygen” promise greater marketing space. In Tanggula Mountain of Tibet and other places with high altitude, this kind of fashion product has become a necessary item for climbers. The specialty store at the foot of the mountain can sell 4000 cans a day on average.

How to produce canned air?

Fresh air was purified, separated and sieved by pressure swing adsorption of medical molecular sieve, and compressed oxygen was extracted from pure physics. How is oxygen filled? What kind of equipment is needed? Because oxygen is filled with gas and requires a high degree of purity, bag on valve filling machine is generally used to fill oxygen into the aerosol can.

Small bag on valve aerosol filling machine is a kind of high-efficiency filling equipment for enterprises that have no big requirements for production in the early stage. The sealing inflatable head and the forced filling head are combined on a table surface to save space. The small bag on valve semi-automatic equipment has the advantages of small investment, small space occupation, easy operation. But the disadvantage is slow production speed.

Bag on valve automatic filling line is composed of bottle sorting machine, bag on valve unit, forced filling unit, weighing system, water bath system, programing(PLC) system, automatic nozzle presser, automatic capping, etc. It’s more efficient for large scale production.The automatic bag on valve aerosol filling machine has the advantages of high speed, accurate filling quantity, good sealing air tightness, and the inflation pressure can be adjusted. It is especially suitable for filling refrigerant (F12, F22, 134a) and medical oxygen.

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Paint spray Aerosol Filling Machine

Technical aerosols are aerosol products which used in cleaning, industry, transportation and food services. Although technical aerosols are not as eye-catching as personal care products, they are indispensable in daily life. Technical aerosols are playing an important role in cleanliness and safety.

Aerosol Filling Lines
Personal care

Aerosol packaging is a pretty good choice to bring forth something new into personal care. As a new type of packaging, aerosol packaging increases products’ appeal to customers to enhance user experience. Aluminum aerosol cans are the most common cans to be used in personal care as they are anti rust.

Air freshener Aerosol Filling Machine

Aerosol packaging makes "mass/non-contact" approach a convenient reality. Household still remains the biggest and traditional market for aerosol products.

Oil spray Filling Machine

The aerosol packaged food is designed to be used accurately and effectively, minimizing waste. Consumers only use what they need, and because aerosol-packaged food is not affected by light and air, it can greatly reduce food spoilage. After use, the aerosol container can be recycled.

Spray Filling Machine
Beauty Industry

Aerosol packaging can isolate external pollution and bacteria, making it more hygienic. Aerosol is more airtight as well to maintain a certain concentration of active ingredients. Some beauty aerosol spray can be used at any angle, convenient to use.

Automatic Actuator Placer
AWP-100 Automatic Actuator Placer

AWP-100 Automatic Actuator Placer is equipped with 108L hopper, vibration sorter, 6 rotating working station. Control system adopts Siemens core, achieve that machine shut down when no actuators or no cans or cans full.

Rust Removing Spray Aerosol Filling Line
80 to 120 cpm Aerosol Filling Line

80 to 120 cpm Aerosol Filling Line adopt Y shape design layout, using 2 sets of AF-50A Automatic Aerosol Filling Machine and 2 sets of Aerosol Valve Inserter for filling, valve inserting, crimping and gassing. The end parts will adopt high speed machines including

AWT-2500 Water-bath Leakage Tester
AWT-2500 Water-bath Leakage Tester

AWT-2500 Automatic Water-bath Leakage Tester is used for detecting various aerosol products, not limited by can body materials, The machine(CE-Proved ) adopts explosion proof motor and is equipped

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