Aerosol packaging makes "mass/non-contact" approach a convenient reality.

Household still remains the biggest and traditional market for aerosol products.

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The application of aerosol products in household has been developing with the aerosol industry, especially pesticide and insecticide. Of course, the application of aerosol products in household keeps growing in different area such as  
· Air freshener
· Cleaner
· Furniture care, leather care
· Pesticide, insecticide

Air Freshener Spray Filling Solution

Usage of Air Fresheners
Air freshener is an aerosol or spray that is composed of components such as ethanol, essence and deionized water, which emit peculiar smell by emitting fragrance and relieve people’s uncomfortable smell. Air fresheners are usually divided into solid, liquid and gas. Air freshener is a chemical product which has been applied in the field of environmental sanitation since 20th Century.

Aerosol air freshener is a kind of canned product using aerosol. When using this kind of product, the air freshener in the airtight tank can be ejected uniformly under the pressure generated by the propellant, and spray in the air to form a suspended state. At present, there are many kinds of fresh air fresheners on the market, all of which are made up of ether and essence. In addition, propane, butane and two methyl ether are added into the canned products as propellants.

Market environment of air fresheners
According to the latest market report of Allied Market Research, the market value of global air freshener market in 2017 was US $10.124 billion, and it is expected to reach US $13.2791 billion by 2025. The compound annual growth rate of global air freshener market is expected to reach 3.5% from 2018 to 2025.

With the improvement of living standards of global consumers, the increase of disposable income promotes the development of air freshener industry. At the same time, people’s concern about indoor air quality is increasing, leading to high demand for air fresheners in the world. In addition, the rapid growth of car sales, the surge of pet ownership and the increased willingness of consumers to use high-end air fresheners are expected to drive the growth of the global air freshener market.

Production line of air freshener
Aerosolpak’s air freshener production equipments can be classified into full-automatic and semi-automatic. Different specifications and models can be selected from small workstations to large filling lines. Air freshener filling equipment mainly includes can ranging machine, liquid filling machine, valve inserting machine, sealing and propellant gas filling machine, capping presser and etc. According to different needs, we can also install multiple sets of filling head, integrate different number of heads into one workbench, and add Auto strapping machine to reduce manual work in different steps.

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Paint spray Aerosol Filling Machine

Technical aerosols are aerosol products which used in cleaning, industry, transportation and food services. Although technical aerosols are not as eye-catching as personal care products, they are indispensable in daily life. Technical aerosols are playing an important role in cleanliness and safety.

Aerosol Filling Equipment

For lumps, scrapes, minor burns and new tattoos, there are many options in aerosol products for home care. Aerosol packaging keeps the contents sterile. 360° continuous aerosol can packaging, can be used upside down, spray to hard-to-reach parts.

Aerosol Filling Lines
Personal care

Aerosol packaging is a pretty good choice to bring forth something new into personal care. As a new type of packaging, aerosol packaging increases products’ appeal to customers to enhance user experience. Aluminum aerosol cans are the most common cans to be used in personal care as they are anti rust.

Oil spray Filling Machine

The aerosol packaged food is designed to be used accurately and effectively, minimizing waste. Consumers only use what they need, and because aerosol-packaged food is not affected by light and air, it can greatly reduce food spoilage. After use, the aerosol container can be recycled.

Spray Filling Machine
Beauty Industry

Aerosol packaging can isolate external pollution and bacteria, making it more hygienic. Aerosol is more airtight as well to maintain a certain concentration of active ingredients. Some beauty aerosol spray can be used at any angle, convenient to use.

Insecticide Spray Filling Machine
Aerosol Pesticide Spray Filling Line

Pesticide Spray Aerosol Filling Machines combines most basic functions in one working stable,  that is liquid filing, crimping and gas filling. For filling efficiency, we equip it with 2 liquid filler, 1 valve correacting, 1 valve crimping, and 2 gas filler. Could fill different aerosol products.There is an valve corrector, by which the tilted valve will be fixed automatically to enter under the crimping head, so that crimping will be 100% accurate.

Automatic High Speed Aerosol Can Leak Detectors
AWT-3600 High Speed Water-bath Leakage Tester

AWT-3600 Automatic Water-bath Leakage Tester is used for detecting various aerosol products, not limited by can body materials, The machine adopts gas detector and explosion proof motor to work up to 7,200 cans an hour.

AWT-3500 Water-bath Leakage Tester
AWT-3500 Water-bath Leakage Tester

WT-3500 Automatic Water-bath Leakage Tester is used for detecting various aerosol products, not limited by can body materials, The machine(CE-Proved ) adopts explosion proof mot

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