The aerosol packaged food is designed to be used accurately and effectively, minimizing waste.

Consumers only use what they need, and because aerosol-packaged food is not affected by light and air, it can greatly reduce food spoilage.

After use, the aerosol container can be recycled.

Product Details

The application of aerosol products in food industry remains the latest developing area of aerosol products application, but actually the development is really beyond our expectation. Thanks to the healthy life style and the development of bakery. You could make life much easier with the application of aerosol products in food industry. Here comes the typical application such as

·  Butter spay
·  Cake release agent spray
·  Oil spray
·  Whipped cream

Cooking Oil Spray Filling Solutions

Cooking spray makes cooking a little easier. It can also do some amazing things around that house to make life a little easier. It can be used in your beauty routine, when cleaning, maintaining equipment and much more.

Cooking spray makes cooking a little easier, but it can also make some of your other household tasks a little easier.They include extra-virgin olive oil, canola oil and two types of cooking oil spray.

While oils and oil sprays serve many of the same purposes, the latter are particularly useful for a variety of kitchen tasks. Here are a few ideas and tips for using that spray can, which can do a lot more than coat your bakeware.

Remove your cooked foods without tearing. There’s a reason cooking oil spray is often called nonstick cooking spray. A fine, even layer prevents food from burning and adhering to pans without necessarily turning it greasy. I use it to coat the dish for my Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas, for instance. It’s also ideal for baked goods, especially blondies and brownies that need to be lifted out of a pan. You can apply the spray directly to the pan or to a parchment or aluminum foil sling you create to facilitate lifting the slab out all at once. Coating a loaf pan will help a quick bread slide right out, too.

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Paint spray Aerosol Filling Machine

Technical aerosols are aerosol products which used in cleaning, industry, transportation and food services. Although technical aerosols are not as eye-catching as personal care products, they are indispensable in daily life. Technical aerosols are playing an important role in cleanliness and safety.

Aerosol Filling Equipment

For lumps, scrapes, minor burns and new tattoos, there are many options in aerosol products for home care. Aerosol packaging keeps the contents sterile. 360° continuous aerosol can packaging, can be used upside down, spray to hard-to-reach parts.

Aerosol Filling Lines
Personal care

Aerosol packaging is a pretty good choice to bring forth something new into personal care. As a new type of packaging, aerosol packaging increases products’ appeal to customers to enhance user experience. Aluminum aerosol cans are the most common cans to be used in personal care as they are anti rust.

Air freshener Aerosol Filling Machine

Aerosol packaging makes "mass/non-contact" approach a convenient reality. Household still remains the biggest and traditional market for aerosol products.

Spray Filling Machine
Beauty Industry

Aerosol packaging can isolate external pollution and bacteria, making it more hygienic. Aerosol is more airtight as well to maintain a certain concentration of active ingredients. Some beauty aerosol spray can be used at any angle, convenient to use.

Aerosol Cans Case Packing Machine
Case Packing Machine For Aerosol Cans

Automatic case packing machines is used for packing cans into case automatically, it is composed of Case Erector, Case Packer, Case Sealer.

Aerosol Products Packing Machine
Case Packer Machine For Aerosol Products

Watch here as a clamping head picks and places two different styles of aerosol cans into an erected RSC corrugated case and a tray. This same head was designed to pick and place a variety of different cans, with different types of caps, triggers and height.

High-speed Aerosol Filling Machine
100 to 240 cpm High-speed Aerosol Filling Line

200 to 240 cpm Aerosol Filling Line adopt U shape design layout, using 2 sets of AFS-120 High-speed Aerosol Filling Machine and 2 sets of Aerosol Valve Inserter for filling, valve inserting, crimping and gassing.

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