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Automatic Perfume Filling Crimping Collaring Machine

Automatic Perfume Filling Crimping Collaring Machine

Our Parfume filling machines can be used in a variety of ways - for small and large quantities, for liquid cosmetics with very different viscosities.
We use a wide variety of filling systems: piston pump and Vacuum Filling. This way, low to high-viscosity products can be filled as required. At the same time, we guarantee maximum process reliability for both small and large filling volumes.

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    14 Months
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    Wooden Case
Product Details

Cosmetics, light industry (daily chemicals), pharmacy, food and other industries, used for corporate products to choose plastic bottles, glass bottles as packaging containers, this equipment can be used for creams, ointments, creams, gels or viscous fluids, etc. The material is filled in the bottle, and then the bottle is capped and sleeved to produce the finished product. The equipment is divided into the cup holder into the bottle, equal liquid level filling, automatic spraying head, automatic capping, pressing in the sleeve, and out of the bottle Wait a few operations.


  • Bottle feeding method: put the bottle to be filled into the adjustable cup holder, and the adjustable cup holder put into the bottle enters the host by the conveyor belt.
  • Bottle detection: The photoelectric sensor detects whether there is an empty bottle on the main turntable, and sends the detection signal to the control computer to control bottle filling, and no bottle without filling.
  • Filling function: If the front sensor detects a bottle, the PLC controls the filling nozzle to rise into the bottle for filling. After the filling is completed, there is a liquid level suction device to keep the liquid level of all products consistent.
  • Negative pressure filling function: After the regular filling, it is a negative pressure filling station. The equipment is equipped with a high-power vacuum pump, and the filling is sucked back at the same time to maintain the same level of perfume. There is also a suck-back storage tank, which is made of food-grade material, and the material can be recycled for secondary use.
  • Upper spray head on swing arm: The automatic spray head of the vibrating plate detects the presence of a bottle and automatically covers the lid, which is more efficient and stable.
  • Capping: After pre-pressing the upper cover of the swing arm, the capping is performed, which is more stable.
  • Pressing the middle sleeve: The middle sleeve is arranged by the vibrating plate and pressed into the bottle mouth by the cylinder, and then the middle sleeve is pressed again
  • Bottle-out: After the final pressing of the middle sleeve is completed, the bottle-out position is passed through the circulating conveyor belt, and it is manually taken out, and you can move to the next process.

Technical Specifications

Product filling capacity 10-100ml
Product filling accuracy ≤±1%
sealing accuracy ≤±1%
Production capacity 35-45 BPM
Working pressure 0.6-0.8 Mpa
Power supply AC220V, 50HZ 2.5KW

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Leave A Message

    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.