Automatic Aerosol Spray Paint Production Line

Automatic Aerosol Spray Paint Production Line

  • 2022-09-26
Automatic Aerosol Spray Paint Production Line

Fully automatic aerosol spray paint production line can reach up to 60CPM. It consists of empty cans loading machine, 1 glass dropper, 3 liquid filling heads,  1 crimping heads, 3 gas filling heads,  automatic weight check machine, automatic actuator feeding machine, outer cap feeding machine, packing table.

Aerosol spray paint production line normally requires many colors to be filled, therefore, we designed 3 liquid filling heads, which means users can fill 8 different colors at the same time. More over, the filling heads are easily clean when you change over the colors or finish production. These two features give maximum practicality and ease of use to users who produce self-spray paints.

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Introduction of Spray Paint
Spray paint(aerosol paint) is usually made up of aerosol can, aerosol valve, filler (paint) and propellant. After high-pressure filling through a special process, the paint becomes easy to spray. So it is also called manual paint.

Usage of Spray Paint

The spray paint is used widely. With the development of economy in recent years, it is not just used for paint re-patching, but for various industries such as: mold, industrial machinery, toy, crafts, musical instrument, construction, steel structure, advertising, publicity, signboard and graffiti. Even in some less industrialized grasslands and pastoral areas, it is said that different color of spray paint is used to distinguish every farmer’s herds of cattle and goats.

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