The 10th International Aerosol and Metal Containers Exhibition

  • 2021-08-19

The 10th International Aerosol and Metal Containers Exhibition will be held from 04 to 06 November 2021  at Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center of Zhejiang Province China. We sincerely invite you to participate in this event.

Along with the trend of Consumption Upgrading, the China's aerosol and metal containers industry has been steadily growing at the rate of more than 10% annually. Spearheaded by the continuing increasing demand and innovation from aerosolized personal care products, aerosol and spray packaging has become an indispensable packaging solution for various products and brands to address the consumer needs.

With the expansion of exhibition area to 20,000㎡, the 9th International Aerosol and Metal Containers Exhibition invites all industry leaders, experts, developers and marketers to gather and explore the latest innovation and technology of aerosolized and metal packaging.

Applications of Aerosol

All kinds of aerosol products: Personal care products;Household products;Industrial, technical & automotive products;Insect control products;Paints & coatings;Pharmaceutical,veterinary & animal care products;Food products and Other products.

Raw materials and production equipments

Aerosol cans, aerosol valves and fittings, spray pump, aerosol filling equipments, testing equipments, security equipments, aerosol propellant, surfactant, solvent, raw materials such as flavors, etc. Packaging materials and production equipments.

Metal containers and manufacturing technology

Metal packaging products: aluminum and steel cans, tin canned drinks and three pieces cans, composite cans, barrels and miscellaneous cans, all kinds of metal bottle caps, printing ink, paint and accessories, etc.

Metal cans processing equipments, welding machine, Printing machine , coating machine, drying room and corollary equipments ,code machine and testing equipments for metal packaging containers, etc.

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