What is Bag On Valve (BOV) Aerosol Filling Machine?

  • 2021-12-07

What is Bag On Valve (BOV) Aerosol Filling Machine?

Bag-on-Valve (‘BOV’) is a dispensing technology that is superior to conventional aerosol dispensing from the standpoint of safety, practicality and environmental impact. Compared to traditional aerosol spray technology and other alternative packaging, BOV has several benefits for manufacturers, consumers and the environment.

Why use Bag-On-Valve BOV Aerosol Filling Equipment?
Better Quality Of Finished Aerosol Products.
The finished aerosol product with bag on valve technology has better spray effect, mainly reflected in the wider spray range, the spray molecular weight is more even and finer, and it is easier to be absorbed.

No Limited Substances.
The gas and the material in the traditional aerosol spray technology must be mixed, so the choice of the substances is limited. The gas and substances in the bag on valve packaging technology are separated, there would be no limit for the used material.

Better Safety.
The most commonly used gas in traditional aerosol spray packaging is propane, which is very easy to explosive in high temperature or high pressure environment. Therefore, the traditional aerosol spray packing can not be taken on the plane. The gas in the bag on valve package is usually nitrogen or compressed air, these kind of gases are safe.

More Environmentally Friendly.
The gas and material of the bag on valve package are separated. The material is filled into an vacuum bag, but the compressed air is filled between the bag and the cans. The compressed air squeeze the bag to spray the material, thereby avoiding pollution caused by direct contact. The whole filling process are finished in the aseptic workshop, and the whole process guarantees aseptic operation.

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