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Aerosol Filling Machine

New development trend of aerosol products in beauty industry

New development trend of aerosol products in beauty industry

  • 2020-09-23

According to the industry data statistics, the total production of aerosols in China in 2019 was about 2.573 billion, an increase of 12.2% year-on-year (the total production of aerosols in China in 2018 was 22.93 Billion), showing a steady growth trend overall.\

In order to let everyone understand the aerosol industry market better, the following are some new developments in the domestic aerosol product market.

Carbonated bubble essence milk

Taking carbonic acid skin care as the concept, the reason is that carbonic acid molecules are very small and enter the skin through capillaries. When they touch the capillaries on the skin's surface, they can accelerate blood circulation and expel metabolic waste through carbonic acid molecules. At the same time, carbonic acid molecules also have the effect of exfoliating, and massage can soften the stratum corneum and improve skin gloss.

Product highlights: It adopts aerosol packaging form. The propellant used is carbon dioxide, which can produce carbonic acid with the water in the product liquid. The sprayed essence milk is weakly acidic and will not cause skin allergies. In addition, the aerosol is more airtight as well, carbonic acid always maintains a certain concentration.

Mousse shower gel, mousse body lotion

Aerosol packaging can isolate external pollution and bacteria, making it more hygienic.

Mousse shower gel: Press the nozzle of the shower gel, and a dense foam like cream mousse will come out, which is easier to wrap body dirt and achieve a cleansing effect. There is no need to rub the foam again, it is more convenient to use, and it is gentler and non-irritating to the skin.

Mousse Body Lotion: The cloud mousse is light and dense and easy to apply. Molecular foam absorbs super-fast, refreshing and not sticky. Petal nozzle, every time you press, a petal blooms to make skin care more romantic.

Either normal aerosol filling machine or bag on valve aerosol filling machine could complete the production, depends on product formula.

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