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Hair care spray growth driven by ecological trends and diversified demand

Hair care spray growth driven by ecological trends and diversified demand

  • 2020-09-23

Market research company reported that global sales of hairdressing products reached 78 billion U.S. dollars in 2019, including hair styling products and hair care products.

According to consulting firm, many companies that make hair care products are following the trend and adding natural ingredients that people are more familiar with, such as coconut oil and honey, as well as new additives, are particularly popular among consumers aged 18-34, which is an extension of the natural product trend.

The hair spray still contains nutritional blend and high-quality raw materials to meet hair care and styling needs, but the product formula has been changed to be sulfate-free, preservative-free, dye-free, and silicone-free.

Concerns about damaged hair, as well as consumers' overall water consumption in recent years, have caused some consumers to reduce their daily hair washing and therefore their use of hair products. At the same time, people's interest in dry shampoo has been rekindled, a versatile, beneficial and time-saving hair care product.

Due to the decrease in interaction with others during the epidemic, hair styling products in 2020 have retreated behind other hair care products. As consumers become more stringent in spending planning, styling products are classified as "waitable" and sales are expected to decline.

Looking to the future, consulting firms Euromonitor and Mintel both pointed to some opportunities in the hair care market. If consumers want to save time and resources, the demand for multifunctional products will continue to grow. Catering to the trend of multiple hairstyles is also an area that is expected to flourish. E-commerce and virtual experiences will continue to provide services for young and elderly consumers. In addition, consumers' growing ecological awareness will naturally have more sustainable and earth-friendly products. If brands can cooperate with institutions and organizations that are interested in improving the environment, I believe they will perform well.

Both our automatic aerosol filling machine and semi automatic aerosol filling machine could complete hair care spray production. Customer could choose the machine per production capacity. Aerosol valve insertion machine, checkweigher, water bath leakage detection machine, actuator placing machine and cap pressing machine are also recommended to work with automatic aerosol filling machine to complete the automatic production line.

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