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Men's personal care aerosol market

Men's personal care aerosol market

  • 2020-11-20

Men's increasing attention to personal grooming and increasing disposable income have promoted the development of the men’s personal care product industry.

The demand for toiletries, facial cleansers and sunscreens is surpassing the demand for shaving care essentials, which shows that men’s beauty care is no longer limited to basic products such as perfume and shaving.

Major brands and retailers are trying to attract men to increase investment in beauty, but the poor results may be because the beauty and personal care shopping experience still targets women.

Older men invest less in hair care and skin care products, and they adopt simpler methods for hygiene and appearance, which poses a challenge to market growth. Therefore, building brand loyalty and brand knowledge among people under the age of 35 is crucial. Since most of male beauty innovation comes from well-known companies, brands can start looking for business opportunities in developing cheaper and more effective male care products for the mass market.

In 2020, affected by pandemic, sales of men’s beauty products are expected to decline. As consumers’ priorities have changed, as well as working from home and social distancing, personal care has decreased, and sales of shaving products will fall even more than expected. For some time to come, maintaining a high standard of personal hygiene may be deeply ingrained in the hearts of consumers. It is expected that men's bath products will continue to perform well throughout 2020.

Hair care products aimed directly at male consumers are becoming more and more popular because some men are reluctant to buy products that are considered too "feminine".

Men's styling aerosol hair spray creates a messy feeling and high-definition texture, provides flexible styling and matte effects, enhances hair structure, improves hair strength, and nourishes dry and fragile damaged hair.

Both our AF-50B automatic aerosol filling machine and ASL-3A semi automatic aerosol filling machine for aerosol hair spray could meet up the production. If higher production capacity is required, AF-50A automatic aerosol filling machine for aerosol hair spray or Y shape high speed automatic aerosol filling machine for aerosol hair spray are also available.

Quick-acting aerosol dry shampoo, this aerosol spray formula can remove grease, increase texture, and provide a cleaner, thicker, and fuller appearance.

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